Five common ways cheaters communicate with the one they are cheating with!

All said and done, cheating will always be looked at as cheating and it is nothing to be proud of to play with your partner's emotions. However, unfortunately, that does not always stop people from being a cheater or assisting the cheating.

People have resorted to various tools of communication to constantly be in touch with the one they are infatuated with. A popular dating website, Ashley Madison (known to specialize in affairs), recently did a survey of 1,500 members on its site on how cheaters would like to communicate with the cheating partner. These are 5 most common ways that were concluded:

56% of the people who participated in the survey revealed that they preferred to use their phone as a way to communicate with the one they are cheating with. This method of communication had the most votes for the means by which the cheaters would like to communicate.


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